Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine Since 1895

The Road To Du Hsiao Yueh

Du Hsiao Yueh, founded in 1895 by Hung Yu Tou, the Hung clan’s ancestor, refers to the enduring journey through the low seasons experienced by locals.

Every year, from the Qingming Commemoration to the Mid-Autumn Festival, rough seas made fishing extremely dangerous, a perilous journey for any who dared to venture out. These “low seasons" were known to fishermen as the “small months".  

To raise the family, Hung came up with a new style of noodles and began to sell them in order to continue on “throughout” the “low seasons”. 

He peddled his noodles on the street, his shoulder pole balancing his wares as he distributed the weight on his yoke and moved around.  Placing a lantern in front of the stall, Hung wrote three Chinese characters on it to announce his brand’s arrival – “Du Hsiao Yueh".  

Today, Du Hsiao Yueh Da-a Mi has been successfully passed down to the fourth generation. For over 100 years, with its distinct taste, the well-established brand has been enjoyed far and wide by many. The tradition continues. The taste endures.



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